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PO7 is a comprehensive set to marketing tools with automation and AI that encompassed the complete sales process. Nearly every business you can think of could use these tools. Your success is in the bag when you use or promote these tools. We have leveraged our two-tier affiliate program and equipped you with tools to drive traffic, convert visitors, follow up and recapture sales.

Our system includes a plan of duplication to ensure your and/or your team’s success 7 times faster. Work from home, choose your hours, promote our product or yours. Our system will allow you to make good money usually within a week and create residual earnings.

Everybody wants to see the money – RIGHT!

We use our system to sell our system and make others more profitable

Feature Product

Free SMS Pro. Generate more leads and sales using secure and effective SMS marketing. It’s one of the only products that you will find that allows you to send unlimited text messages for 1 low monthly price. The value in that is worth triple the price. Our unique phone to phone texting platform for Androids is easy to learn and compliant legally.

Game Changer

Business love it because it is a Game Changer. With almost 100% open rate it out-performs email 3 to 1. Stats are showing 35% or more click thru rates to offers. This makes it an extremely profitable and scalable communication channel. It is also known as the highest earning and easiest to implement marketing option. Push Button Simple!

With our extensive experience we will give you our BONUS Quick Start Best Practices tutorial sheet so that you can correctly implement and optimize the process.



All in one dashboard to manage campaign, send and receive text messages from contacts, prospects and leads, This system can handle several phones and campaigns at one time enabling you to send hundreds and even thousands of messages.

Automate your SMS text, Personalize your SMS message with first and last name. Create and schedule a series of SMS autoresponders and SMS messages. Capture leads from mobile friendly sign up forms.


Schedule your messages to go out in advance. Send your SMS message to a small or large group of contacts and know that they will be delivered on time. You can even use Spintex to create a greater variety of messages.


Instantly view your statistics, reports, and analytics in real time. Know how each campaign performed with insightful metrics and reports to track your clicks and measure your results.

One of a Kind

Businesses, entrepreneurs, artists and affiliates will love how this will change their bottom line for the better. Think about it. Fresh inbound leads, upsells, cross sells, follow ups, and promos can double revenue quickly with FreeSMS Pro. It is currently the only one of its kind and you have the opportunity to use it, share it and be handsomely rewarded for your efforts.

How FreeSMS Pro works

  1. Import phone numbers/contacts to whom you want to send message
  2. Create your message and auto response. Add name field to send personalized messages
  3. Send immediately or schedule for later

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-Scale easily

-Excellent Support

-High Demand familiar products

-Use on most types of devices

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