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Get instant results with the power of 7

Imagine having an automated systems that would find talent introduce them to your commissioned position or opportunity and qualify them before you ever made 1 phone call.   That’s what happens when you implement the tools in the power of 7

We specialize in Sales Forces that want to dominate and not simply compete.

Power of 7 tools has the ability to recruit your target audience through most communication channels. So, no matter what type of sales organization you run, we’ve got you covered. We can do this because you will have the power of automation and AI at your fingertips. Our team has been doing recruiting and sales automation for a long time. Plus, these products are ‘Push Button Simple’.

Time to Expand

We utilize these cutting-edge applications on familiar products enabling you to use multiple platforms to increase your reach and production at least 7-fold. Think about how you would handle a team and a bottom line that has been leveraged to that capacity.

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Systemically proactive and progressive

Most of us understand that if you are not growing, you’re your dying. Agencies, Brokers, Managers, and downline builders expose your team to automation tools for Social Media, Ringless Voicemail drops and SMS platforms so that the organization can outperform and outgrow the competition. Diversify your methods and increase production throughout the sales chain. Every department in your organization can use these tools. PO7 is easily applicable to all these actions.

  • Drive traffic
  • Engage
  • Inform
  • Educate
  • Follow Up
  • Cross-Sell, Up Sells, Down Sells
  • Retarget
  • Recover lost sales

We don’t have one tool we have 8 that you can have access at one low price. You may ask does it work and we will say ABSOLUTELY.  That is how were able to contact you. We use our tools to sell our tools and we make others more profitable quicker.

For example, one of our greatest Social Media product developed by our team is what I call the Social Dynamo.  Let our automation do the work for you and help you manage all 9 of your major Social Media Platforms. The time it took you to manage 1 each of these accounts you can now manage several of each to maximize engagement.

  • You can grow your followers and friends, join groups, share, like and comment with automation ease.  
  • And don’t forget you can auto engage, publish post and even scrap content off the internet. Doesn’t scraping leads from Facebook that could join your team sound amazing!



We wanted to create a system of tools that wouldn’t fail. This is presented to you because you understand what it will take to grow faster and stronger. The small investment of $199 a month is a no brainer for those serious about growing now.

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All in one dashboard to manage campaign, send and receive text messages from contacts, prospects and leads, This system can handle several phones and campaigns at one time enabling you to send hundreds and even thousands of messages.

Automate your SMS text, Personalize your SMS message with first and last name. Create and schedule a series of SMS autoresponders and SMS messages. Capture leads from mobile friendly sign up forms.


Schedule your messages to go out in advance. Send your SMS message to a small or large group of contacts and know that they will be delivered on time. You can even use Spintex to create a greater variety of messages.


Instantly view your statistics, reports, and analytics in real time. Know how each campaign performed with insightful metrics and reports to track your clicks and measure your results.

Additional Products Included in PO7