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The power of 7 gives you a  suite of marketing tools that you can use to market your business. Or you can use these systems to sell these systems as we do.

The methods that we used to get you to watch this video are the same methods that you will use to attract customers to your business.

Let’s get over the powerful suite of marketing tools that you get with the POWER OF 7

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Everyone knows that sales are a number game. Free SMS Pro makes it easy for you to hit those numbers.  With Free SMS Pro, you are able to contact 1,000+ targeted prospects per day/per phone.

Imagine how many leads you will get with that much contact!


Automate your Instagram marketing with Gramboard

Instagram is a great place to grow your following, and with you can grow your following with people that are likely to purchase your product or service.  All you have to do is set the criteria in the system the first time and Gramboard Pro by finding them, connect with them and get a conversation started automatically.

Our method is simple and its all about contact.

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We developed a powerful chrome extension that automatically does all the searching & monitoring so you don’t have to.

SLP uses a Machine Learning Algorithm which looks for buying intent or search intent in posts and comments.

Using the power of Artificial Intelligence, our systems automatically understand users activities and qualifies them as leads.

Our system then gathers all the data and organizes it under different variables, making it more usable for its users.


PowerAdSpy will significantly improve your Facebook Advertising Campaigns. It can find hidden niches and lucrative opportunities for you, removing all the hassle of content creation, identifying campaign targets, niche research and more.

Our system then gathers all the data and organizes it under different variables, making it more usable for its users.

Search Ads With Exact And Relevant Keywords:

This powerful Facebook Ads Analysis tool allows you to search ads with your exact or relevant keywords and gives you the ability to explore ads from precise to broad results for better analysis.

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Chabot set up and integration. Automatically reply to your customers using chatbots. Give instant replies get your prospects and customers the information they need using artificial intelligence.

The World's BEST Drag-And-
Drop Funnel Builder !!

Now, increasing sales and conversions has never been easier!

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Its a sales automation tool that makes outbound prospecting and lead follow up easy for even the least tech savvy salespeople. We integrated tools like email, sms and ringless voicemail autoresponders into a simple crm that gives you all the automated outreach you need to be effective. Add your team now, or later. We’ve got you covered and will grow with you.

  • Automate Chores
  • Automate Results

Set our software on autopilot, so it carries out tasks for you. Our intelligent Text Bot can even engage in interactive conversations with your subscribers without needing you to intervene manually or ever write a line of code.